Storage Administrator Resumes

Do you want to work as storage administrator? if yes, you have to prepare a resume special for storage administrator position. now, we are here to help you some pictures of storage administrator resumes to guide you to create best resume, so you will have an opportunity to get a job as storage administrator position. therefore, for you who want to create best resume, please find best pictures on this site below. As you know that this day is digital era that data is very important, that is the reason why a Storage Administrator is needed on this industry because who has data he will be the winner in internet era. When you want to hire as storage administrator you must have some skills that needed on this industry because data is very sensitive and losing data will effect the entire business. Data is very important that will needed by the company because of that hiring the qualified data administrator is a must. As administrator you must operate several OS and also know how to handle the linux server, Because most of the storage using linux than windows OS.

Storage Administrator Resumes within ucwords]
Storage Administrator Resumes within ucwords]

Storage Administrator Resume Samples
We are here to give you some ideas how to make a good resume when you want to apply as Storage Administrator that we collect from the various sources on the net that make by all expert on their field. SO just take a look the sample below and we hope you will find on the resume that you can use as your resume.

Michael Arnold

212 wantedplace .florissant ,MO 34276

No/WA: 234872837

Email:[email protected]


Talented Unix System administrator with eleven years of experience diagnosing and resolving problems with multiple operation system. proven ability to solve complex situation, lead small project group. and has ability to communication with team.

Technical Skills:

Operating environment:  IBM AIX 1.2.3,5.1, Sun solaris, Red het /Oracle enterprise linux OS, network appliance data ONTAP 6.5, VMware ESX 2.5, 5.6, IBM DSCLI, IBM storage manager, Cisso routing data, net APP filers, Ind=formation security

Languages Software:  Korn shell, bourne shell, Linux Shell, Sed, AWK, pascal, C language

Server platforms: UNIX, HP 9000, IBM Series, SUN, Intel Software

Networking: Fiber optic, Ethernet, Cisco IOS, TCP/IP

Tools: Microsoft Office suit, MS visio,lotus notes,VIM, putty.openssh


  • Cloudera certified hadoop administrator
  • IBM eServer Specialist,
  • Sun certified system admintrator for solaris 9
  • MCSE 2003 + security
  • Remedy &. System administrator
  • IMB Technical service

Technical Training: 

  • Puppet master training 24 Hours
  • Cloudera Hadoop administrator trainign 24 Hours
  • Cisco networking fundamental 48 Hours
  • veritas volume manager,file system, cloud server 60 Hours
  • Create planing and designing data storage administration
  • System administration Guild

Professional Overview: 

  • System administrator, Naples Italy 2010-2012
  • IBM technical system data entry administrator 2012-2015
  • The advance system Communication 2015-2016
  • Facebook security hardening 2016-present

Reference: Available On request