Social Media Resume Samples

Social Media is one of popular things in this time where all people use it for sharing, getting friends, business and much more. if you also want to be part of social media company, it will be better to prepare the social media resume where it is one requirements that must be owned to get the job at social media company. and here we have 10 social media resume samples for you to download.

Social Media Resume Samples with regard to Social Media Resume Samples
Social Media Resume Samples with regard to Social Media Resume Samples

Now social media could be use for anything such as promote your product, for politic and more, For all of you who can maximize using the social media you can get easy money for it because some companies now using the social media to promote their products or service. Being a social expert will give you more benefits because on this ages not use social media the companies will be outdated. You have to say in your resume that you are an expert using facebook,lingind, instagram,path,youtube and other media social to reach the company goals.

Most of the social media resume is for marketing or sales marketing job position. so you have to know all about social media and how they work to reach the customers. Now you can see the research that most of the company spending much money for social media campaign and because of that the demand of social media specialist has increasing each year. For all of you who is looking for the social media resume you have to take a look to the sample below.

Social Media Resume Samples

Jomlo jones
(567) 345-12345 | [email protected] | LinkedIn| Facebook|| Blog | Twitter | Instagram|


Expert in social media tools and technologies. with a track record in creating and maintaining successful social media clients. Keep updating in social media technologies create the relationship with other in online marketer to share the new information, Implementing the marketing and optimization using other online media to give the profit to my clients.

Social Media Tools:

Blogger,facebook,reddit,instagram,youtube,bloglines, technocrati, delicious, digg, camtasia, twitter,path, and full list available on my portfolio.


BA Marketing ,2014

New York University, New York

Professional experience:

Walmart Online store,  New York,

Online Marketing Manager, 2015-present

Responsible for online marketing to give the awareness to the customers also create online campaign to promote the product also increase the user experience.

  • Developing,managing and designing for online marketing campaign.
  • Reading the data metric for best result of online campaign
  • Leading the team campaign to test the new online marketing tools
  • Creating online marketing strategy using facebook,instagram, and twitter.
  • Annalists facebook ads and Adword campaign to get more profit and targeted user.

Reference:Available on request

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