Sample letter asking for donations

We sure that many people want to donate her money for charity programs and writing request donation letter is one of way, For all of you who want to asking a donation to a company or organization you have to write a letter for asking donations and we are here to give you some samples that you can use for free. We know there are many way to get the founding and writing a donation letter is one of the best way to get more money for your donation programs. Our sample of donation letter can be use for various purpose such as charity, church donation, and much more.

Sample letter asking for donations
Sample letter asking for donations

When you write donation request letter you have to write what is the purpose of the donation clearly and also where,when the donation money can be received or sent, You can put the bank account number in your letter. You have to put your organization logo in the head of your money and also contact detail who make sure that you are the real organization who want to help the others who need the donation.

When asking the donation you have to write by yourself, avoid to use the letter generator for donation letter, and put the recipient name in your letter and avoid using Dear Mr or Ms. Write you letter professional and straight that you are asking money for donation. You also can write the previous donation project who success help the other. And also be thankful for your donation in your letter. For sample you have to see below.

Sample letter asking for donations Template

Your Name





Recipient  Address

Mr. Loba loba

My organization is requesting your assistance in a form of donation to help us to promote (purpose donation). Specially, Your organization would appreciate a donation of ( purpose donation).

(name Recipient) has been a great supporter of our community effort in the past and can help us in our mission to improve (purpose donation) in the community by contributing the following (donation purpose).

Thank you for considering this donation request letter. if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me as (your number). Thank you in advance for your support.


Your Name.

There are Sample letter asking for donations and for doc format you can download here. for Pdf format you can download here.