Resignation letter 2 weeks notice Sample

At the previous post we have give you the Resignation Letter Sample Template that you can use when you decided to quit from your current job. Now we gonna give you the Resignation letter 2 weeks notice Sample that you also can use when you decided to find the new job or you want to become a business man with any reasons. Two weeks time is good enough to give the company a time to find the new employee to fill your job and that is the main purpose when you write a Resignation letter 2 weeks notice. This is a good idea when you give the time to company but this is also good for you to prepare all you need to do before you leave the job. And we are sure with 2 week notice letter will give you the positive view from the current company that you are a good person and responsible. When you are writing the 2 weeks notice you do not have to write the reason why you are leave but you have to explain clearly that you will be quit in 2 weeks time and for all the information you nee to explain to the current company you can write on your resignation letter.

Resignation letter 2 weeks notice Sample
Resignation letter 2 weeks notice Sample

There are 2 options for all of you who want to write a 2 weeks notice letter. first you can write via email and you also can be send via paper to your manager. On this post we gonna give you the example of 2 week notice letter using paper as you can read below.

Resignation letter 2 weeks notice Sample

Ganteng calam

34 street avenue hell ,city, zip code

Phone:12318591/ email:[email protected]

Date Today

Recipient name:

company name:


Dear Recipient name

Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation letter that will be effectively two week from date. The association I have made during my employment on this company  truly memorable for years to come.

I hope two weeks notice letter is sufficient for you to find the new employee  as replacement for me. If you need the train up the new employee I will be happy to do that and please let me know.

Thank you so much for opportunity to work on this company.


Your sign

Your Name

That is an example when you are sending the 2 weeks notice letter of resignation to your current company.