Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample

This is the Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample that you can use when you get ill, When you get ill you have to go to the doctor and doctor will diagnose what kind of the disease do you suffer. If this is a severe illness then your doctor will suggest you take a rest for a while, but on the other hand you have a job that can not wait to be resolved, but as we know that health is the main, when we are sick we also will not be maximal to do our job then you can request a letter from the doctor addressed to the company that says that you would be absence for a few days due to need to rest to restore your stamina.

Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample
Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample

When you send the Absence Letter From Doctor to your company, The doctor will give you the full medical diagnosis as a reason why you should bed rest. But you also can write your own letter why you need a time off along with medical diagnosis from doctor. We sure that company will allow you to take a bed rest than you have to continue your work.

This Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample is intended for those of you who want to write themselves to the company that you can not go to work for a few days. We know that some of you are unable to write your own and therefore we provide sample letters that you can use as Medical Leave Absence Letter. But we also provide the sample from doctor directly. for sample please read below.

Medical Leave Absence Letter From Doctor Sample

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RE: Requesting Medical Leave of Absence

Dear Mr. Beckham David,

This letter is to bring your attention That I have working 2 years in your company without with good achievment. Recently I one a medical checkup and diagnosed Cancer 1 grades and my doctor giving advice that I suggest to be hospitalized for monitoring and treatment for at least 2 weeks. And I am not able to work for at least 30 days. I am ready to work at (date),  I have submitted the medical diagnosis from my doctor as your consideration. If you need another medical record I would be happy to provide it.

I am thankful for your consideration for this matter and If you any question you can contact me at ( phonenumber)

Yours Sicerely

Your Name.