Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample

Digital marketing is a new way to promote your business, And for all of you who want to become a Digital Marketing Manager and having problems to write a good resume you can use our resume sample as your reference. Do not worry because many people is also struggling with you ti write a professional marketing resume and we are here to give you ideas to make a good resume that will impress the recruiter.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample
Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample

As you know that today internet become the new way to promote your products. many company using internet marketing to reach more audiences and this way is very effective than using traditional marketing for some product. Because of that demand of Digital Marketing Manager has increase every year and this is your opportunity to get job as digital marketing.

Before you start writing your resume you have to know the digital marketing world and they are many way to promote your products, You have to know about SEO,PPC,CPA,PPV, those are the ways to promote your products in internet. Beside that design also give influence whether your digital marketing reach the audience because with interesting design or video will increase your sales. Beside that you also must familiar with digital marketing tools to promote your product.

As we said before that strong and powerful job application will increase your chance to get the job as digital marketing manager and we are here to help you to reach your goal by providing the best sample resume as you can read below.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Sample

Aurelia Madrew

2343 park view street Manhattan, NY 45656

E: [email protected] P: (567) 789-3456

Objective Summary:

Accomplished digital marketing specialist with proven track record to deliver more profit to the company through highly traffic and conversion with focused to client profitability trough broad digital marketing strategy. My specialist is SEO, Marketing content and PPC campaign.

Core Skills:

  • Content Marketing
  • Seo optimization
  • Social media campaign
  • Web development
  • Conversion anaytict
  • Semruz,ahref,and facebook

Career Summary:

April 2011-2015

Consultancy Digital marketing Director

outline:Founder and CEO

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Meeting with client to make sure they campaign as they wont
  2. Project managing the delivery to all client in time.
  3. Developing and managing online marketing campaign
  4. Maximizing the client CTR to make more sales for client
  5. Keeping content current useful and good in SEO
  6. Improving user experience in line with annalist finding to further improve  conversion rates

Key Project:

  1. Diamond jewelry store
  2. Footballsite
  3. baby clothes store
  4. Food Company for more get engagment

June 2015-Current

Digital Marketing Manager

Key responsibilities:

  1. SEO campaign to get more quality traffic
  2. Social marketing camping using Facebook and Instagram
  3. Ensure all content give benefit to user
  4. maximizing email marketing for more sales
  5. Mange product marketing to make more engagement with customers


  • BA marketing and business study
  • BHVN advance digital marketing
  • GSCE:10 gigesh degree

IT Skills:

  • MS-offcie, word,excel,adobe,photoshop,powerpoint access
  • Semrush,ahref,google analytic, moz

Reference:available on request.

To become an digital marketing is challenge because you must know how to read data in your running campaign to get winning campaign that will improve your sales conversion.