Business Contract Termination Letter Sample

There is a time that you have to break the corporation with the other company, Many reason when your business must choose to terminate the business contract. In your Business Contract Termination Letter you have to say the key reason why you can not corporate anymore to avoid misunderstanding between you and your business partner.

Business Contract Termination Letter Sample
Business Contract Termination Letter Sample

There are many reasons who caused to terminate the contract such as defaulted which is not in accordance with the initial agreement, not satisfied with the service or also because you do not need service from the company.

You have to know that terminate the business contract probably will be break your relationship and using our Business Contract Termination Letter Sample it will be reduce the problem in next future. Business Contract Termination Letter is similar with business agreement but in different purpose.

When you write the termination letter you have to write the reason clearly and do not use the emotional words although probably you want to mad to her/him. make sure you use the simple words and be polite. We know is not easy to write a termination contract letter because of that we give you the sample to make your job easier as you can see below.

Business Contract Termination Letter Sample

Partner’s Name
Partner’s Company
Partner’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Termination of Contract Ref. 87756
Dear Partner’s Name,

After reviewing and discussing in our company is terminating the business contract with your company. We give 3 days to complete all that needs to be done. This decision of termination is made due to Using different material as we agree at business agreement. As you can see at our agreement that cancellation is allowed when one of us makes a default mistake. and That is the main reason of this contract termination business.

We still give you the paycheck that will be paid on 2 week times, and If you have any further question you can contact me at (067)8548478.  Once Again thank you for your service.


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