10 Best 2018 Resume Trends

Resume trend is always change every year and forcurrent or 2018 resume trends has just revealed and we are here to give you some samples. On 2018 the Chronological Resume has become popular. For all of you who want to apply in 2018 we suggest that you are using the chronological resume that you can download in our site or you can find on the internet. Easy to read is the most reason of hiring managers are prepare choosing the chronological than the other resume format. but not only the format that will be resume trend in 2018.

10 Best 2018 customer service Resume Trends
10 Best 2018 customer service Resume Trends

Using the current resume trends format will increase the change for all applicant to call to interview beside your experience and all information that you put in your resume.  If you use the latest resume trend will give you a point that you are keep up to date and most of the hiring manager will like when you are always up to date in any case including resumes.

Latest Resume Trends 2018

We have collect the latest trend that you have to know when you are writing the resume.

1.Prepare the Professional resume

Your resume must look professional and promising and using the professional template is a must, So make sure that you are using the best resume template before sending your resume.

2.  Personal Touch

Do not forget to give the personal touch in your resume. A requiter not only search the experience people but also looking for a job seeker with good personality who can work with the current team. they also want to requiter that you are trust-able who would give positive impact to the other employees

3. Social Media

Social media has important role in requirement, as you know that many employer will looking at your social media, If they found that your status does not math with company vision your resume will go to the bin. Use the social media positively to show that you have integrity about yourself. Do not forget to put your social media account especially  linkedln also another social account.  according to research that 70% employee will screen the social media account before hiring.

4. Resume online/Porfolio

You can use linkedln as your resume online. Requiter will find another information by reading your  linkedln  account.

5.  Eye Caching Resume

The chronological resume is eye caching but still organize, avoid using the bright and flashy colors, keep simple and using the best font for resume.

6. Clean Resume

Keep your resume clean with the clear information about yourself, experience and abilities.

7. Prove Your Abilities

Beside using the strong and clean content you also must prove that you are what you write and always to be a honest person, this will increase your chance to ask for interview.

There are several tips for 2018 resume trends, We believe that if you follow all the instruction above you will get the job position that you are looking for.  if you have need a sample you have to take a look to our resume gallery below that will give you a reference  to write a professional resume.