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Vestapol – Wendy Holman

Wendy Holman was my first and only guitar teacher way back in the 70′s. Wendy gave me some pretty tough assignments which served to lift my playing to the next level. Wendy Holman

I recall going to Wendy’s house eager to show off a new tune I had learned, Vestapol. Wendy took this tune and vamped it up, laid it down on a cassette tape for me to take home and learn by ear. This transcription is by no means a transcription of Wendy’s playing, but rather a transcription of my own (warts and all) as learned from Wendy’s playing, thus she deserves all the credit.

Please visit Wendy’s website Fingerstyle Productions

Vestapol is a “train song” that has been around forever. It’s exact origins are not known, however Stefan Grossman claims that it was originally played by ladies in Boston parlours. This is quite a simple piece to play, but its fun and you can vamp to your heart’s content. Listen to the bell clang, the train whistle blow and the wheels jumping on the joints…..

Download the Tuxguitar tab for Vestapol

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  1. Wendy Holman says

    Hi Matti, as I recall it your playing was at such a high level already I had to find some tough stuff just to stay ahead! Love your selection on Recent Posts; some real classics and top players; I’m honoured to be listed among ‘em. Tickles me that small cassette tape players were the bees knees last time you and I picked, now we have phones that do everything and upload anywhere to everyone… what did we do without YouTube? Great picking never dates though does it. Keep pickin’ buddy. Wen

  2. Matti says

    Oh c’mon, I didn’t even know how to arpeggiate, which was one of the things you taught me with this tune. I think the coolest lick you came out with was the one I have labelled in the tab as “(cow on the tracks)”…….choo choo!

    The arpeggiation you came out with really gives that feeling of the train wheels jumping on the joints.

    Richard Saslow’s “The Art of Ragtime Guitar”, now that was pretty challenging. I still remember most, if not all of those tunes. Might give them a hit this weekend and brush up. I highly recommend this book to anybody who picks at any level.

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