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The Fisherman – Leo Kottke

Soon after I purchased my first guitar, an Ibanez 12 string, I found myself with Leo Kottke’s 6 & 12 String Guitar album. I spent a great many hours listening to this album, but of course I couldn’t play anything on it as I had only just begun learning guitar. Leo Kottke
Many years later I recalled this tune from the album, one of my favourites. My playing had greatly improved by then and I learned to play this entirely from memory as I no longer had the album. My memory failing me somewhat, the second section is slightly different to how Leo plays it. I had a listen to his version recently and decided that I preferred my own and thus that is what I have transcribed.

This piece is not particularly difficult technically, however it sounds fantastic. You should learn to play it quite slowly at first to train your muscle memory and later work on bringing it up to speed.

Download the Tuxguitar tab here: The Fisherman

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