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Gambler’s Yodel – Doc Watson

Doc WatsonThis is one of those “Some fella stole my girl” songs from the amazing Doc Watson.

Download the Tuxguitar tab here: Gambler’s Yodel

Gambler’s Yodel – Doc Watson

Pretty mama’s gone, she went away from me
Lord I think she’s gone to sunny Tennessee
Oh lord that woman she gonna be the death of me
Oooh hooo yayee heee she’ll be the death of me

When my baby went she left me in the rain
Talk about your trouble, talk about your pain
Had to listen to the whistle on that lonesome train
Yeee heee yayee heee Lord on that lonesome train

Well the lightning flashed and the thunder it did roll
The lightning flashed and the thunder it did roll
Just like this trouble that’s rolling through my soul
Yeee heee yayee heee have mercy on my soul

There comes a time when a gambler’s luck is gone
And when it comes he better leave them dice alone
Some dirty rounder took my woman and my money and gone
Yeee heee yayee heee he took my woman and gone

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